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Transparency Reporting

Transparency Reporting

Information is reported in compliance with the State School Aid Act, MCL 388.1618, and is presented in accordance with guidelines prepared by the Michigan Department of Education. Complete financial reports are also posted on our website.

MI School Data

MI School Data

MI School Data is the State of Michigan's official source for pre-K, K-12, postsecondary and workforce data to help residents, educators and policymakers make informed decisions to improve student success.

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Transparency Reporting

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Grading System

Letter Grade

Honor Points

Letter Grade

Honor Points

A+    97-100%


C      73-76%


A      94-96%


C-     70-72%


A-     90-93%


D+    67-69%


B+    87-89%


D      63-66%


B      83-86%


D-     60-62%


B-     80-82%


F       59% or less


C+    77-79%



Cumulative Grade Point Average is determined at the end of each semester using the student’s final semester letter grades for all the classes. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated by dividing the total honor points earned by the total number of credits attempted. Grades not used in calculating GPA: CR = Credit earned with 0.000 GPA; WE = Withdraw Exit (from school); WP = Withdraw (from school) Passing; WF = Withdraw (from school) Failing.

Seniors’ final GPA and rank is determined at the conclusion of the fourth card marking. Honors are established at the end of the third card marking.

INCOMPLETES: In cases where unusual circumstances prevent a student from completing all the work for a class by the end of the semester, the teacher may award an incomplete (I) grade at their discretion. This is a temporary grade that must be resolved within two weeks of the end of the marking period for which the “I” was given. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher to complete the work and resolve the grade. An “I” that is unresolved at the end of the two week time period may become an “F”.

NCAA ELIGIBILITY: In order to practice and play as a freshman at an NCAA Division I or Division II university/college, the student-athlete must satisfy the requirements of the NCAA Bylaw 14.3. Student-athletes first entering a collegiate institution will have eligibility for practice and competition in the freshman year certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. It is the responsibility of the student to meet with their CHS counselor to verify academic requirements for NCAA eligibility. Informational brochures are available in Student Services.

ONLINE CLASSES: As part of the 21f legislative opportunity, students may take up to two (2) online courses each semester with no tuition cost through Michigan's Online Course Catalog. Students choosing an additional course, may select courses through Michigan's Online Course Catalog, Edmentum or other approved programs, and will incur a tuition fee. Students must make an appointment with their counselor to discuss these options.

SCHEDULE CHANGES: Are strongly discouraged and are very difficult to accommodate. Requests for changes must be submitted in writing on the Schedule Change Request Form available in the Student Services Center. All schedule change requests must be completed during the designated drop/add dates.

TESTING OUT: Public Act 335, Section 1279B, of the State Code requires that any high school student be offered the opportunity to “test out” of courses. Students must exhibit mastery of course content by attaining a grade of C+ or better on a comprehensive final examination. Students may also be required to demonstrate mastery through basic assessments used in the class, which may include, but are not limited to, portfolios, performances, papers, projects and/or presentations.

TRANSFER OF CREDIT: Following the recommendations of North Central Accreditation, Clintondale High School observes the following:

  • Acceptable Credits: Clintondale High School, in accepting a pupil with advanced standing, gives credit only for work done in regularly scheduled courses taught by properly certified teachers.  No credit is given for work done in non-organized activities.
  • Tentatively Accepted Credits: Clintondale High School does not accept units earned in non-accredited schools or in any irregular manner until the administration of the accredited school is fully satisfied that the work has been well done.
  • Identification of Source of Credit: On college entrance application forms, Clintondale High School indicates clearly the agencies responsible for teaching each course, the units accepted as transfer credits, those taught by a tutor, and those earned by correspondence.  If no specific indication is given, it is assumed that the courses were taken regularly in the high school granting the diploma.
  • Transfer Students: For transfer students who have not previously attended another school during a specific semester for personal reasons outside or beyond their control, the policies are as follows:
    • Students who register within the first card marking are eligible to receive a letter grade.
    • Students who register within the first two weeks of the second card marking are eligible for CR (credit) or NC (no credit) only.
    • Students who register after the second week of the second card marking are not eligible to receive credit or a letter grade during that semester.
    • This policy also applies to second semester card marking periods.

TRANSFER STUDENTS: Clintondale High School is a School of Choice where classes are available. Clintondale High School does not grant diplomas to pupils transferring from either accredited or non-accredited schools unless the pupils spend a full semester in the school and complete two units of work in a credible manner or have approval from the building principal.

ASSESSMENTS: The State of Michigan requires that all high school juniors take the Michigan Merit Exam which includes MSTEP/SAT/WorkKeys assessments. Due to the requirement, students MUST have taken all parts of the MME to be eligible for graduation from CHS. The test will be given in the Spring on the dates that are set by the State. CHS also administers the PSAT 9 and the PSAT 10 tests to all freshmen and sophomores. These tests are used to help prepare for the SAT.

The assessments used at Clintondale High School include:

PSAT – 9th grade, 10th grade – Spring

NWEA – 9th grade, 10th grade – Fall and Spring

SAT (Scholastic Achievement Test) – 11th grade - Spring

WorkKeys – 11th grade - Spring

M-STEP (Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress) - 11th grade - Spring 



Clintondale High School uses the following manner for academic recognition of student scholars:

3.75 – 4.00+ Summa cum laude (with highest academic distinction)

3.50 – 3.74 Magna cum laude (with great academic distinction)

3.20 – 3.49 Cum Laude (with academic distinction)

Grade point average (GPA) will be based on eight semesters of coursework with the eighth semester represented by the third quarter grades. All classes taken during those semesters will count toward the GPA. Students honored with one of the above distinctions will be recognized at the Senior Awards ceremony and presented with a medallion.

Content area awards: Each academic department (English, Math, Art, Science, etc.) will grant awards to seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement, exemplary citizenship, good attendance, initiative, and other qualities that include superior accomplishment while at Clintondale High School.


PARENT/STUDENT PORTAL: These online information portals allows parents and students to review student’s grades, class assignments, and attendance through the Internet. From any computer with internet access, students or parents select the appropriate school, then enter the Username and Password to review class information. For help getting your account activated, call the Counseling Office at 586-791-6301, ex. 2008.

ONLINE ELECTRONIC EDP (XELLO) - This Internet program is available to 7th through 12th grade students and their parents. The electronic EDP (4 year educational plan) allows the student to select courses for all four years of high school, submit assessment results, and complete an interest inventory. Based on interest, academics and activities, various career options will be suggested. This tool will be available online 24 hours a day. Throughout high school, students and parents are encouraged to periodically review all information on the XELLO website.

COLLEGE CONSIDERATION: All colleges do not have the same academic entrance requirements. The responsibility for meeting these requirements rests with the student and parents. Our guidance counselors are available to assist you in the college application process.